November 22, 2011
Colorful Inspirations at Eastern Market

It’s rare that I receive a day off on a Saturday from the demanding world of retail, so when I do I try to fill up my day with things that most people with a M-F/9-5 schedule gets to do. Since I love Detroit and try to share my love with everyone in my life, I thought after spending the previous evening at the tree lighting ceremony in Campus Martius with my family, a trip to Eastern Market was only appropriate.

We got to Eastern Market around 8am before it really started bustling. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, despite some windy, cooler temperatures. The sun was shining, the skyline was glowing, coffee flowing and vegetables rolling (I hope someone else laughs at this and I’m not alone…)

I decided it was a good idea to bundle up as much as I could. I pulled out my black down coat complete with furry hood from Land’s End (as much as I loathe dragging this thing around, I LOVE wearing it) and my chocolate brown boots. To add a dash of color, I worked in my blue headwrap with an adorable little flower and feather on it.


While we were walking around, I saw a lot of colors and shapes that were really inspiring to me in this late fall/early winter weather. I was fascinated that some of these produce items were as bountiful and vibrant given the drop in temperatures lately. 

We also stopped into R. Hirt Jr. before it is officially closed. This building is full of gorgeous curves, creaky stairs and floor boards, and best of all, an old loading elevator. It will be interesting to see what changes are made when it turns into 1887 Cheese Shop.

Eastern Market is a Detroit treasure that often gets over looked by many. I hope that one day soon more metro-Detroit residents will appreciate and take advantage of the delicious Michigan grown tastes offered and work harder to support our local economy.

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